Treasury Office

Budget and Treasury Office

The budget and treasury office manages the financial affairs of the municipality. Budget & Treasury directorate ensures that the best possible services are provided for within the budgetary constraints. The Budget and treasury Directorate also provides strategy financial services to municipal departments and is responsible for drawing up the annual budget for the municipality. The Budget and Treasury office also maintains a system that generates accurate information about the municipality’s financial position at year end and through in-year financial reporting.
These are some of the strategic financial services that the department also provides:

  • Budget and Reporting - managing the operational and capital budget, Annual, quarterly and monthly financial reporting, cash flows and investments management.
  • Revenue Management - collecting income owed to the municipality
  • Supply Chain Management - manage supply chain systems which are fair, equitable, transparent and competitive that ensure value for money.
  • Assets and Fleet Management - Implementation of the asset management policy
  • Expenditure Management - Creditors administration and capital asset management.