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About Council

All 26 wards of Mhlontlo are managed by Mhlontlo local Municipality, whose elected Council serves to facilitate the provision of infrastructure, services and support to the people of Mhlontlo.

The Council comprises of an elected Mayor, Speaker, Chief Whip, Councillors (including 10 Traditional Leaders), executive committee and several implementation committees.

The Mhlontlo is governed by a 53-member council which amongst others have the power to:

  • Pass by-laws – local laws and regulations about any of the functions they are responsible for. By-laws may not contradict or over-rule any national laws
  • Approve budgets and development plans – every year a municipal budget must be passed that sets down how money will be raised and spent. The council should approve an overall plan for how development should take place in the area. This is called an integrated development plan [IDP] and all projects and planning should happen within the framework of the IDP
  • Impose rates and other taxes – property rates are a form of tax that municipalities can place on the value of properties. It is an important source of income.
  • Impose fines – for anyone who breaks municipal by laws or regulations, for example, traffic fines, littering or library fines.
  • Borrow money – the council may agree to take a loan for a development or other project and to use the municipal assets as surety.

About the Municipality

Mhlontlo Local Municipality is an administrative area in the OR Tambo District of Eastern Cape in South Africa. Mhlontlo was a King of the Pondomise people during the 19th century.