The executive committee is:

  • The principal committee of the council of the Mhlontlo local municipality
  • The committee of the Mhlontlo municipal council which receives reports from other committees of the council and forwards these reports together with its recommendations to the council when it cannot dispose of the matter in terms of its delegated powers.

The executive committee must:

  • identify the needs of the Mhlontlo local municipality;
  • review and evaluate those needs in order of priority;
  • recommend to the municipal council strategies, programmes and services to address priority needs through the integrated development plan and estimates of revenue and expenditure, taking into account any applicable national and provincial development plans; and
  • recommend or determine the best methods, including partnership and other approaches, to deliver those strategies, programmes and services to the maximum benefit of the community.
  • evaluate progress against the key performance indicators;

Review the performance of the municipality in order to improve :

  • the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of the municipality;
  • the efficiency of credit control and revenue and debt collection services; and
  • the implementation of the municipality’s by-laws;

Monitor the management of the municipality’s administration in accordance with the policy directions of the municipal council;

Ensure that regard is given to public views and report on the effect of consultation on the decision of the council.

Oversee the provision of services to communities in the municipality in a sustainable manner


Cllr Sigcine Kahla

ANC -EXCO Corporate - 063 704 4851

Cllr Naniwe Sayiti

ANC - EXCO Human Settlements - 063 704 5480

Cllr Mxolisi Funo

EFF - EXCO - 066 485 9001

Cllr Nolindile Zikolo

UDM - EXCO - 060 997 5850

Cllr Margaret Mvanyashe

ANC - EXCO Community Services - 076 424 6281

Cllr Siphenkosi Voko

ANC-EXCO - 066 440 935

Cllr Loyiso Yalezo

ANC - EXCO Infrastructure - 066 487 6884

Cllr Sesi Matshoba

ANC - EXCO Special Programmes Unit and IGR - 063 791 8877

Cllr Lawukazi Dlova

ANC - EXCO Budget and Treasury - 060 997 5854


Mhlontlo Local Municipality

About the Municipality

Mhlontlo Local Municipality is an administrative area in the OR Tambo District of Eastern Cape in South Africa. Mhlontlo was a King of the Pondomise people during the 19th century.