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Ms. T. T. Madotyeni

Senior Manager

Ms A. Maqeda



047 553 7034


Corporate Services Department


Corporate Services is under the leadership of Ms. T.T. Madotyeni, the Senior Manager, who ensures the department’s effective functioning.

The Corporate Services Department is fundamental to maintaining efficient governance, administration, and delivery of public services within the municipality. By supporting daily operations and contributing to strategic planning and policy development, the department ensures transparent and accountable governance. It plays a pivotal role in the
smooth operation of municipal services, facilitating essential functions across administration, human resources, and information communication technology (ICT).

Key Performance Areas:


    • Registry: Efficient management of municipal records and documentation.
    •  Customer Care: Handling inquiries and providing support to the community.
    • Office Cleaning: Maintaining a clean and conducive working environment.
    • Council Support

Human Resource Management

    •      Personnel Management: Overseeing employee relations and management.
    •      Leave Management: Coordinating employee leave schedules.
    •      Recruitment and Selection: Managing hiring processes to ensure a skilled workforce.
    •      Occupational Health and Safety: Ensuring a safe and healthy work environment.
    •      Employee Wellness: Promoting the well-being of municipal employees.
    •      Labour Relations: Addressing labor disputes and fostering harmonious workplace relations.
    •      Skills development

Information Communication Technology (ICT)

    •      ICT Infrastructure: Managing and maintaining the municipality’s technological framework.
    •      Software Management: Overseeing software applications essential for operations.
    •      Technical Support: Providing technical assistance to municipal staff.
    •      Digital Services: Enhancing municipal services through digital innovation.

The Corporate Services Department, through its diverse functions, supports the municipality’s operations, making it a cornerstone of effective public service delivery and governance.


About the Municipality

Mhlontlo Local Municipality is an administrative area in the OR Tambo District of Eastern Cape in South Africa. Mhlontlo was a King of the Pondomise people during the 19th century.